Inspiring my life…


Ein Brief einer Freundin (ich bin mir sicher sie hat nichts dagegen, dass ich ihn veröffentliche). Eine Frau, die jedes mal wenn wir uns sehen mein Leben inspiriert. Eine Freundin, die es immer schafft mich zum lachen zu bringen auch wenn die Trotzanfälle der Kinder mir jegliche Kraft zu nehmen scheinen. Eine Frau, die in Harvard studiert hat, und ihre Karriere aufgab um Ehefrau und Mutter von 10 Kindern zu sein.
“Motherhood is a big adventure full of twists and turns. It is about planting, nurturing, weeding, affirming, believing, supporting and most importanly, loving. See all the challenges as opportunities for growth. Life will reveal your strenghts and weaknesses, your failings, defects, talents, abilities and your potential. You will be stretched farther than you can imagine, to change, adapt, to love beyond feelings, and grow in loving responsability. Decide to face each moment with your best effort. Realize you will be disappointed a million times. The key is to try again and again, celebrating the little victories along the way. Learn from your mistakes. Struggle to have better habits. Find moments to step into silence daily. Reflect, contemplate, focus. A life lived reflectively is a life lived effectively. Sow love into each moment of your day. Realize your daily battles are calls to greatness. Love is demanding. Be patient with yourself and others. The capacities of your heart are expanding. Take the steps necessary to be strong physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Surround yourself with people and resources that will help you soar. Let go, let God take the reins. You are invaluable, unrepeatible and irreplaceable. Be realistic and always optimistic. Find always the best in your children. Motherhood is a calling to be the best-version-of-yourself at each moment. Give your children the best of your time, not left over.”

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